The purpose of the project is to enhance competitiveness, market share and significantly expand the product range through investment in tangible assets and software to expand existing production capacity, resulting in job creation, increased sales revenue, increased market share and improved business performance. In order to continue to succeed in increasingly demanding Croatian and foreign markets, it is necessary to follow the trends in the air conditioning and ventilation sector and to invest in new, more modern technologies, to develop employee structure and to modernize sales and marketing.

The goal is to become a competitive, dynamic and export-oriented company, recognizable by fast delivery schedules, small series and innovations of high quality products, and to change the technology of making finished products by increasing the market share of products produced on a new, more advanced robotized machine than the existing manual mode. The companies are high-tech polypropylene (PP) heat recuperators, novelties are on the market and highly sought after in the EU. Since there is no machine to automate production on the market, production is carried out entirely manually using a hand tool. With the robotization and automation of production, finished products would be made faster, more precise and better. Production capacities, product quality, total turnover and profit of the company would increase. Using robots would speed up production that would have an impact on the price, costs, delivery time, and what would make our product more competitive on the market.

Successful implementation of the project will ensure::
– retention of existing jobs – 4 employees
– employment of 3 new employees
– increase in the amount of HRK 2.000.000,00 up to 2019.
– increase of export revenues to 1,200,000.00 Kn up to 2019.

The total value of the project is 317.250,00 Kn

The amount co-financed by the EU amounts to 307.250,00 Kn

EU grants amount to HRK 260,000.00

Project implementation period: 17.03.2017. until 17.08.2018.

contact person for more information: Luka Vrđuka mob. +385 99/3328 570